If your dog is getting older and has developed arthritis, it is probably time to buy him a new bed. A dog bed made specifically for an arthritic dog is more comfortable for him when he sleeps. It also offers features his regular bed probably does not.

Here are some different bed options you can look at when choosing a bed for your arthritic dog. Types of bed that will ensure he is more comfortable when he sleeps, and also stop his arthritis from becoming worse.

Beds with memory foam — These are the best dog beds for animals suffering from arthritis as they provide support a normal bed will not.

Memory foam does its magic by distributing your dog’s weight across a more even surface. This means he is able to sleep without too much pressure falling on his arthritic back, legs or neck. He will then wake up feeling more refreshed than before, and more easily able to enjoy his day.

There are different types of memory foam, though, so do look into all of them. The typical type will give him the features mentioned above, while memory foam made with gel will give him an added benefit of a bed that stays cooler in warmer months. Gel memory foam will also help distribute pressure points more evenly.

Beds that heat up — Some dog beds made specifically for dogs with arthritis come with blankets that warm up. Some can be heated by plugging them into a socket and then draping your dog with it as he sleeps. Others can be heated in a microwave, and will then retain the warmth for several hours after that.

Heat often works wonders on pain from arthritis, and can help your dog have the well-rested sleep he was not getting before.

Beds that are waterproof — Older dogs can sometimes become incontinent, especially if they are suffering from arthritis or rheumatism as well. This is why it is important to choose a bed that is waterproof, just in case your dog has an accident.

A waterproof bed is easy to clean, the urine does not soak through the fabric and into the mattress and it will keep your dog drier and more comfortable as he sleeps.

You will also not have to keep buying new beds if you buy a waterproof bed, as cleaning them negates having to buy a new one.

Rounded beds — While some owners believe their pets are more comfortable if they can lay out flat when they have arthritis, more dogs seem to be happier curled up than they do stretched out. That is why buying a rounded dog bet that will allow him to curl up comfortably is often the right move.

Just be sure when you buy one that the cover is easily removable so it can be cleaned, and that it is made from a fabric that is soft on your dog’s aging skin.

Remember a dog’s skin goes thinner as it ages, just like the skin of a human being. That means it can chafe more easily or develop small wounds.

Flat beds — If your arthritic dog is one of those that does seem to be happier laid flat rather than curled up, be sure the flat bed you choose also has a raised area for his head.

As long as the bed is long enough, the raised area will allow him to prop up his head if he wants to. Thus relieving pressure from an aching back or neck.

If he does not want to prop up his head every time he gets in the bed, as long as the bed is large enough, he should still be able to lay out flat.

Choose the right dog bed for your arthritic dog and you will often discover he becomes more energetic and happy during the day – you can read more on Wauwaubetten.

Think about it. If you were having a poor night’s sleep due to pain from arthritis, and then suddenly bought a bed that was much more comfortable than the one you owned, you too would have more energy when you woke up.

Dogs are no different than people. Choose the right bed and you will quickly end up with a much happier and healthier dog.

Also keep these tips in mind (I found them on Youtube, but they seem to be pretty good):